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Basketball and Eighties Mixtapes.

Posted by Daniel M on

With Melbourne's Summer in full swing, we headed out to the local skate park in the morning with members of the Arcade Street Crew for a quick photoshoot while the weather was still cool.

The basketball themed photoshoot with a touch of the eighties (of course!) features our concept cap with some handy stitch work from team Arcade.

 arcade street basketball photoshoot

Behind the scenes we're been experimenting and pushing ourselves creatively in incorporating more embellishments into our designs.

The concept cap featured here is one we're still refining, nonetheless we're still super excited to share the early prototype with the Arcade family.

 arcade street video games cap

And... to say we love our cassettes and mixtapes is an understatement! Countless hours of our youth were spent listening to these. They definitely play a big part in our brand story and in creating the ultimate Eighties t-shirts and accessories in our range.

 arcade street eighties mixtape photoshoot

Stay tuned for more details on the release of our Concept Cap. In the meantime check out the Arcade Snapback Cap available online now. And remember to follow us on Instagram to see all the images from the photoshoot.

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