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Best bike stacks! 80’s style!

Posted by Simon R on
The BMX was an essential way of getting around for kids during the 80’s and, whilst we were probably the first generation to grow up with bike helmets, that didn’t stop some classic BMX stacks from happening when I was growing up.
Probably most memorable was the sight of my younger brother tearing down one of the tracks through the paddock behind our house.  He had up a fair bit of speed, went over a bump and his handle bar stem came completely out of the head set of his BMX.
From here on, my memory of everything that happened is in slow motion.
First came the horrible realisation by my brother of what had just occurred.  You could see the look of fear on his face.  The handle bars, whilst still in his hands, were no longer connected to the BMX.
Then came the rational, albeit misguided, thought the he’d be able to somehow just push the handle bar stem back into into the head set.  Keep in mind that the odds of pushing the handle bars back into a 30mm hole, whilst you’re travelling at speed and on a bumpy track, are weighted heavily against you.  
That speed however, did keep him flying down the track and, by then, fear had well and truly set in.  Finally he hit one last bump and that sent the bike sideways and my brother crashing to the ground.
Thankfully there were no major injuries, which was lucky because that meant we could laugh and make fun about it for years to come.
Well that’s my favourite bike stack memory from growing up in the 80’s.
Feel free to share yours in the comments section below.

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