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Family Holidays (Part 1)

Posted by Simon R on

I don’t want to seem like I’m adding to the whole “kids have it easier these days...” argument, but when it comes to family holidays, kids definitely have it easier these days!

Back when I was a kid, a family holiday meant just one thing.  A road trip!

Whilst these days a road trip sounds quite civilised, you have to remember that growing up in the eighties also meant growing up well before most of the vehicle comforts that we take for granted today.  Add in three kids and it was a war zone!  

If you grew up in the eighties, well before affordable air travel, you can probably relate to some of the following...

“He’s (or she’s) looking out my window” usually directed to the poor sibling that had to sit in the middle seat.  As if sitting in the cramped middle seat, wedged between two (usually) older siblings wasn’t bad enough, the expectation was that you at no time look anywhere other than straight ahead or the floor. 

“I don’t feel well” usually urgently directed to the driver, by the sibling that got car sick every road trip.  Every family had one, the kid that got car sick at the first sign of bends ahead road sign!  Ironically they were usually one of the siblings with a window to look out of, so really had no reason to get car sick, yet they usually had an empty ice-cream container as a companion for the duration of any road trip.

“Are we there yet?” usually repeated every 10 to 15 minutes for the entire duration of the road trip or until the idle threat that that the next person that asks that will be walking.  Whilst the “are we there yet” question hasn’t gone away, the invention of the likes of Sat Nav, Google Maps, etc provides definitive answer, in real time, to that question, rather than an angry “we’ll be there when we get there” type response.

So those are some of my “fond” family holiday memories growing up in the eighties.  Let me know what I’ve missed or share some of your “fond” memories in the comments section below.

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  • Leisa on

    Lucky you, only three kids in the back! Don’t worry it was safe… with four across the back seat, the two in the middle shared a seat belt.
    I also remember ‘eye spy’ which was especially fun when the youngest insisted on playing and having their turn despite not knowing how to spell!

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