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Friendship, Mixtapes and an Eighties Boombox!

Posted by Daniel M on

The boombox was a big part of the Eighties. They were extremely transportable and came along with us everywhere. Even on the BMX!


arcade street eighties boombox

The one I owned was a silver dual cassette tape player but unfortunately it didn’t have the must have feature of its day ‘the graphic equaliser!’.


arcade street eighties boombox

Countless hours were spent pressing those buttons on the cassette player creating the ultimate mixtape!

We wanted to capture these experiences when we took the Arcade Street Crew down for a boombox photoshoot recently. The theme was about revisiting the simple times of hanging out with your mates, playing mixtapes and carrying a boombox everywhere!


arcade street eighties boombox

arcade street eighties boombox

Oh... the good old days!

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