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Mixed Lolly Bags!

Posted by Simon R on

Ok this is going to sound crazy to anyone born after 1985, but there actually was a time when 20c was a useful amount of money for a kid! “When?" I hear you say. Growing up in the 80’s…

I can’t remember all that much from Primary School, but I do remember the joy a 20c piece could bring on Tuck Shop (or School Canteen) days.


Mixed Lollies


The greatest decision you faced back in those days was; do I buy an icy pole, if so, lemonade was always my flavour of choice, or do I spend it all on 20c worth of mixed lollies. I understand the skepticism of anyone that didn’t live through it, but 20c worth of mixed lollies was a reasonably substantial amount of lollies and could easily last a whole lunch time (as long as you weren’t too generous). You do have to remember that this was in the day of the 1c and 2c lolly, so you can start to see how 20c could go pretty far for a primary school kid in he 80s.

Things weren’t always easy though! Things started to get complicated because you could also by 10c worth of mixed lollies, which gave you enough money left over for a couple of Toffee Apple, Red Skin or Choo-choo bars. The trick was always working out how to maximise your loot, whilst spending every last cent.

Ok sure it wasn’t all Musk Sticks and Whiz Fizz. Let’s not forget Big Boss Cigars and the renamed ‘Fads’ that were perhaps weren’t the best thought through concepts for kids confectionary, but it was the 80’s.

Finally, I know it’s controversial, but here’s some of the lollies that I think needed to be in the ultimate 80’s mixed lolly bag. Feel free to disagree, let me know if there anything I’ve missed or, most importantly, let me know where you can still get a great bag of mixed lollies in 2019 (even if they do cost a bit more than 20c). 

The ultimate mixed lolly bag had to have;

  • Fizzos
  • Fruit Sticks (not to be confused with Musk Sticks)
  • Sherbies
  • Mates (or Cobbers)
  • Red Frogs
  • Teeth

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