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(Roller) Skate or Die

Posted by Simon R on
So if you read our past blog post, ‘Unicorns, Punky Brewster and Roller Rinks’, you’ll know that one of the inspirations behind our Roller Skate Unicorn tee, was obviously roller skating.
Recently, whilst working on new designs for hopefully the next Unicorn tee, I got to thinking a bit more about my memories of roller skating as a kid.  Sure, like I blogged about previously post, “I remember and, hanging with mates, awesome tunes, dodgy hotdogs, speed skating and the occasional nasty stack”, but I think glossed over the fact that the Roller Rink could also be a pretty unforgiving place at times...
Firstly, do you remember those people that had that smooth, effortless roller skating style?  The ones that could stop in kind of a, highly controlled, 180 spinning/sliding motion?  That wasn’t me!  I roller skated like I was riding a scooter - using my right foot to propel myself forward and any attempt at speed skating, just meant a faster version of that awkward motion. Forget stopping in a controlled fashion!  I tended to use the wall as my brake...
So it’s safe to say I wasn’t in my element on the roller rink!  Whilst using the wall as my break may sound foolish, it was far better than the alternative!  A humiliating and painful stack on the floor!  I’m not sure if it’s technically possible that a roller rink floor could be harder than concrete, but it sure felt like it!
One of my other memories of roller skating  that is something that still haunts me to this day - The Evil Dead!  I know that sounds like a very odd correlation but bare with me.  I was roller skating with some mates, on what must have been Friday 13th, Halloween or something, because there was a spooky/horror kind of theme.  My roller skating form was so bad that I decided I’d pretend to watch the movie that they had showing off to the side, rather than risk humiliating myself on the rink.  Unbeknownst to me, the movie showing was the Evil Dead and it scared the life out of 12 year old me, so much so that I didn’t sleep properly for days and that was the last horror movie I ever watched!
So that’s some of my memories of roller skating as a kid.  It might sound like I’m scarred for life but the thing is, give me a pair of roller skates, crank up a 80’s playlist of and I’d be there!  Just don’t ask me to speed skate!

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