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The Boombox. An Experience to Reminisce.

Posted by Simon R on

Kids today really don’t know how good they’ve got it these days when it comes to music!  These days with the internet, mobile phones and streaming services, you can pretty much listen to every song in the history of music, whenever and wherever you want.


Rewind back to the 80’s and things were a bit tougher for a kid!  Want to play your favourite song - you either had to buy the album on cassette, but at $20 that was expensive for a kid.  Sure sometimes you could get the cassingle, but they were harder to get.  The other option required skill, patience and sometimes even just dumb luck.  You’d have to sit in front your radio, usually listening to the Top 40, finger on the Play and Record buttons, waiting and waiting...

Whilst it was hard to get music, once we had it, and our Boom Boombox, we were away and things were awesome!

There’s no real equivalent to the Boombox these days.  Sure there’s the mobile phone and the portable speaker, but it’s just not the same.  Walk around with a portable speaker on your shoulder and people will probably look at you funny? But do it with a Boombox and that changes everything.  Nothing says cool like a Boombox!

Our limited release Boombox tee is inspired by this musical experience from days gone by.

Pre-order now as its available for a very limited time only.

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