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Inspiration behind our Horror Skate Tee!

Posted by Simon R on

When coming up with a design for our skate tee we wanted to capture everything that we remembered was cool about skating in the 80s.

While the origin of skating, as we know it, goes back to the 50’s and then grew massively during then early 60s and then again in the 70s, it was the 80s that really defined skating for us. So, when designing the graphics, we rewound our memories back to the glory days of skating and what made skating one of the coolest things for an 80s kid.

Arcade Street Horror Skate Tee

How do you define skating in the 80s in a single word – Rad. From riders busting out big airs and grabs on vert ramps, to the creation of a whole new range of street tricks that’s made skating what it is today. Skating was radical in the 80’s, but then no one had time to say radical, so it was just 'rad'.

For us the things that instantly came up with was bright graphics, cool logos and heaps of skulls and skeletons. The brighter the better. The 80s really brought in the use of graphics on skateboard decks and they became like art.

We started collecting heaps of images of cool 80s graphics for inspiration and it wasn’t too long before some classic 80s horror ideas started creeping in. The characters from Friday the 13th, The Evil Dead and Nightmare on Elm Street, all scared the hell out of us as kids, but they help us come up with some different ideas to work into our designs.

Arcade Street Horror Skate Tee

For us, any 80s inspired skate design had to include a skull and we just had to include some 80s horror inspired gore into our design and graphics. Finally, after many tweaks, we came up with the design for what was to become our Horror Skate Tee.

We’d worked for ages, but still hadn’t come up with, a catchy phrase for our design. We’d been trying to come up with something that captured what skating in the 80s was all about - our version of “skate or die”. We used “Rad”, the word that first came to mind, as a placeholder in the designs we were coming up with and, after a moment of frustration, realised that the answer was right there all along.

Skating in the 80s was Rad!

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