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Unicorns, Punky Brewster and Roller Rinks

Posted by Simon R on
Firstly, in case you don’t know, we’re a couple of Dad’s, who started Arcade Street as a way to bring back the joys of growing up in the 80s with our kids.
As we both have a pair of boys, our brand has tended to feature designs incorporating skulls, monsters, bikes and skateboard.  Firstly that’s not to say anyone at all, girl, boy, or Extra Terrestrial, can’t be into any of those things, but we thought it was time to try something a bit different with our new design.
So we tapped into our inner Punky Brewster and started kicking around ideas.  After plenty of false starts, mainly with more ideas involving skulls and monsters, we finally settled on a unicorn for our design and went to work. 
The next challenge, how do we add some 80’s into the design?  Well nothing is more 80’s than roller skating right?  So we drew some inspiration from our days hitting the Roller Rink as kids - hanging with mates, awesome tunes, dodgy hotdogs, speed skating and the occasional nasty stack.
So with that we added Roller skates, headphones and some Punky Brewster socks for good measure to our Unicorn.
So for all you Unicorn fans out there, girl, boy or Extra Terrestrial, please welcome our 80’s Unicorn Tee!
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